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To Save Hitler's Face, or Who Was the Perpetrator of the Holocaust? (Editor's column)


In the background of today's news, I thought that World War II could have been stopped in November 1941. Everything could have been different.

Back then, in November 1941, Nazi tanks were standing 30 kilometers from Moscow, the Luftwaffe was bombing London, and submarines were destroying aircraft carriers. There were plans in Berlin for a naval landing on the British Isles. Millions suffered, thousands died every day.

World peace and the lives of millions were in the hands of one man: U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt. He could have easily persuaded those two stubborn men, Churchill and Stalin, to agree to end the two years of pointless killing.

The war could have been ended very quickly. The peace plan, also, could have consisted of four steps. Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Yugoslavia, and Greece become parts of Germany. Crimea is German, Transnistria is Romanian. The rest of Ukraine, Belarus, and the territory from Smolensk to Moscow gets a special status. Half of France becomes part of Germany, the other half also gets a «special status».

At that time, everything could end very simply. It was necessary to bring Hitler to the negotiating table — and then peace all over the world.

But alas. Stupid, inhumane and short-sighted Roosevelt instead began to foment and inflame. First he supplied the USSR and Britain with lethal weapons under the Lend-Lease program, and then he involved his own country in the war with Germany.

Think about it: if Roosevelt had been persistent then, if he had stopped the war and saved Hitler's face — then British and American soldiers probably would not have died in the African sands and on the beaches of Normandy.

Moreover, one might even think that all the horrors of 1942-1945 would not have happened. There would not have been the siege of Leningrad, the Battle of Stalingrad and the Battle of Kursk. There would not have been the shuttle bombing of Germany and the shelling of London with ballistic missiles.

Nor would there have been a «final solution to the Jewish question.» The Jewish refugees would have quietly returned to Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus and lived in peace. There would never have been Auschwitz and Majdanek.

So now you can draw conclusions about who is really the perpetrator of the Holocaust…

Unfortunately, I can't translate all this farcical bullshit into Italian. I think that Mario Draghi, Silvio Berlusconi and other modern «appeasemakers» would read it all with great pleasure.

As for «to save Putin's face». I don't understand what the discussion is about at all. It is impossible to save something that has been lost for a long time.

Written by Serhiy Dibrov, deputy editor-in-chief of Dumskaya.net


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